Warren Wong

2140 Southwest Expy #104
San Jose, CA 95126
Phone: (607) 342-2137


Would like to use my business and software engineering skills to create value for people and make money for the company. Make use of and expand my extensive knowledge of online marketing, web development, and client server architecture.


PHPApacheServer OptimizationJavascriptJavaC++ANTDB Design
MysqlOracleAdvertising PlatformsPerlLinuxCSSEclipseDB Optimization
SQLHTMLServer MaintainenceJDBCJUnitAntlrSSH/FTPSome Server Security
FlexBisonVisual StudioJSPCVSXML


WM Media (2007-Current)

  • Cofounded in April of last year with my business partner.
  • Took care of all techincal aspects of the website.
  • Designed our server architecture for scalibility and reliability.
  • Responsible for server maintenence, such as monitoring loads and recovering from crashes.
  • Did server optimization, configuring apache and mysql for maximum performance.
  • Familiarity with advertising options such as adsense, tribal fusion, ypn, etc.
  • Familar with the valuations of different kinds of websites and their potential.
  • Extensive work with php, moving, and modifying websites.
  • Communicated with various customers and maintained good relationships with many.

BEA Systems (2005-2008)

  • Wrote and maintained a SQL parser and compiler.
  • Wrote and maintained an XQuery and XQSE (update syntax for XQuery) parser and compiler.
  • Created a JDBC Driver that works with DBVisualizer and other applications.
  • Did most of the work for ALDSP 2.5 to make sure it shipped on time.
  • Created a variety of testing frameworks using buildfiles and ant.
  • Worked briefly with EhCache and CoherenceCache.
  • Used java to program, ant for buildfiles, and antlr for compiler/parser.

Cornell University (2001-2005)

  • Graduated in 4 years with a Bachelors and Masters.
  • Worked on the QUARK database system for 2.5 years.
  • Learned a lot about the database architecture and design.
  • Created a parser, optimizer, and run time plan for XQuery.


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