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Tricks For Avoiding Duplicate Content Penalties Having quite a bit of experience handling duplicate content problems in A Little Google DeIndexing Puts Things In Perspective, An Accident Discovers The Cause Of My Google Deindexing, Site Pages Reindexed, and from running WM Media, here’s a few tips for bloggers (and other website owners) to avoid Google [...]

As the cofounder of WM Media, a company that invests in websites, I have had the opportunity to run a variety of websites from forums to blogs to affiliate sites. There are a few distinct types of traffic and each has their own advantages. We’ll examine each of these sources from two perspectives. 1) How [...]

I just read an article from Webomatica that commented on how hard blogging is. Amongst other things, the author mentioned how he has the perception of being greeted by a blank page day after day, needing to come up with something by a certain deadline. When I read it, it seemed like such a grim [...]

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