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One day back in high school on the bus ride home, I remember listening to a friend talk about how easy it would be to make money if we just built our own computers and sold them. Since we’ve both built computers of our own, it seemed like a good idea to me. As I got off the bus, I felt excited. Maybe I’ll finally be able to use my skills to make some money! Diligently, I worked through my homework and waited for my mother to come home, so that I can propose this idea to her. Before long she did, and within a few minutes, I got my answer – a resounding “No”!

And that was that. My friend didn’t really follow up on it, and I just gave up on the idea without much of a fight. The result of this was a net loss of a few hours worth of my life, with absolutely nothing gained. What was the point of discussing a money making idea if I had no intention of doing it? I realized at that point that this happens day after day. People are constantly talking about this and that, with no intention of actually following through. What’s the point of talking about it then?

I thought about what would have happened if I’d just went to the bank, took out my money, and bought some computer parts. Sure, my mom would have complained, but I would’ve built a computer. Either I would’ve been able to sell it to someone or not. Either I would make a profit or not. In all of the possible situations, I would have gained experience, and be better prepared for other business opportunities that came along. If I had succeeded, my mom would probably change her attitude about my business idea. If I had failed, I would have been able to make the money back through something else at some point (like a minimum wage job of some sort). At that point, would I not be in the exact same situation as before I bought the computer parts? The only difference would be that I’m a little bit older and wiser because of the experience. I really can’t lose! Coming to this realization, I decided that at any point, if there was something I think of that I could do, I would do it.

Fast forward a couple years. I’d gotten into Cornell University and had just completed my freshman year. Coming in to college, I already had 29 credits from advanced placement classes, and I took 27 and 28 credits (7&8 classes/semester) for my first and second semester. By the end of freshmen year, I was already more than half way done with college! Moreover, I had a 3.8 GPA. What is the difference between me and the other students? How did I manage to accomplish this? Was I really that much smarter than my peers? I would say absolutely not. The only difference is, while they were at a party drinking beer, I was working. While they were sitting around wondering what to do, I was working. While they were passed out from being drunk at night, I was sleeping. That’s pretty much it. I didn’t waste any time thinking about what to do, and simply did it.

When I look around, there are just so many situations where people just spend so much time thinking about stuff that would’ve taken much less time if they simply did it instead of thinking about doing it. Let’s take my computer example. I probably spent a few weeks thinking about building my own computers, talking it over with people, and talking to my mom. How long would it take to actually make the money and build the computer? Say a $500 computer, $15/hr, a couple hours to get the parts and build it. That’s less than 40 hours. Yet, I probably spent more than 20 hours talking to people and thinking about it. 20 hours of work – $300. 20 hours of talking with people and then not doing it – $0.

Whenever I’ve found a successful business on my own or with a friend, there’s never a whole lot of worrying or doubt. Whether you spend 40 hours doing stuff or worrying about doing stuff, it’s still 40 hours – except in the first case, you’ll probably get it done, and if not, be in the same situation as if you spent the 40 hours worrying about doing stuff but with more experience. Kind of hard to go wrong with option #1.

Think less, do more. Catchy slogan, don’t you think?

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4 Responses to “Just Do It”

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  2. kribo on January 20th, 2009 10:03 am

    i think the idea of yours is excelent especially for this century, that when everybody always doing nothing and waste their time to think. I agree with you, in my country your idea is called JANCOK idea man!!! you are fuck man!!! have you been sex before??

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  4. vikas on February 2nd, 2012 9:12 am

    yah its absolutely true, the same had gone with me, now i’m working on my online business project…….