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As I was going about my day, a very good friend of mine sent me an extremely disturbing screenshot. He’d been looking me up on google, using the keywords “intj warren wong”, and found the following disturbing image:

Warren Wong INTJ Google Search

Somehow, my blog has a hidden link to a viagra site!! You can imagine my surprise. How, oh, how did that get there?

I was quite alarmed as there are some other sites on the server hosting my blog, so I wanted to make sure that some security has not been breached. Unfortunately, I had the lazy sense to put everything with 777 permissions, so somebody could have taken advantage of that too. It was time to investigate!

Ah ha! My template somehow had a function call to a credits() function, which pointed to a template site. Apparently, the credits is a dynamic function which loads a page from a template site somewhere, loading random ads such as buy viagra and online gambling to different casinos. Wow.

The lesson here? Be careful when downloading templates from other people’s sites! And make sure to check the template to make sure that no shady code like that exists!

Hopefully, Google hasn’t place a permanent mark on my website, but it looks like brighter future ahead in terms of the number of pages that will be indexed!

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