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As I looked over my google analytics statistics for this website today, I was very surprised to find that two people found this website through the keyword “Blockbuster” on google (as in, they typed Blockbuster into google, and somehow found my site). Apparently, google has indexed my article The Death Of Blockbuster and found it relevant.

I only wrote that article about 2 days ago, so I was surprised that google has even indexed it already. Not only that, but Blockbuster is a very popular keyword – definitely the type of thing that I can’t possibly get top 10 rankings for so quickly. It doesn’t even have any inbound links! So how did those two people find me? Ever so curious, I typed in blockbuster into google, and couldn’t find my page anywhere. It’s not even in the top 1000 search results!

Completely confused, I took a closer look at my two visitors! One person immediately clicked the back button, while the other person stayed for 1 minute 58 seconds (google analytics is that powerful). Hmmmmm how did that happen I wonder?

Ahhh, then I suddenly remembered reading an article recently on how google displays the latest blog entries on the first page randomly, like this:

Blog News

Ah ha, that must be it!

Of course, I didn’t actually see myself on the front page with the search term Blockbuster, seeing how the article is already kind of “old news”, but this sounds like the right reason. Guess that means I should write more often :)

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