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Waiting For Godot

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Once there was a man like any other man In love – as in love as can be He waited for the perfect time He waited for his mother’s approval He waited for financial stability But that time never came Less and less he saw The woman he once loved so much One day he [...]


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We may only live for 100 years It may no difference in the end But let us live it like a star Giving our best every day With persistence and diligance Finally ending in a brilliant flash That will forever alter the course of history

The Proposal

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What is life But our dreams? Put together We are whole Two parts Greater than their sum Shall our dreams Never be? Unending possibilities Never realized? Nowhere else Can this need We both have Be satisfied From our imaginations spring The dreams others cannot conceive That only we Can turn into reality Be with me [...]

The Simple Decision

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Life is a dream An adventure A steady path of happiness A blessing, or a curse? A difficult decision I seem to face Any man can see Yet so simple Any man can make For what is life Without my choices The greater The more I life Today I am alive With passion With intensity [...]

Alone I’ve walked for many years A path straight as an arrow Yet along you came With a friendly hand With you I travel the world of dreams Neverending possibilities Everlasting joy To love you is to know myself for the first time With the happiness of another as my aim What more can I [...]

There are words like freedom Sweet and wonderful to say, On my heartstrings freedom sings All day every day. There are words like liberty That almost makes me cry, If you had known what I know You would know why. – Langston Hughes Additional lyrics from the song, “Words Like Freedom”: Freedom and liberty are [...]

My Enemy

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In the depths he creeps Waiting, whispering Every time I laugh, he laughs Every time I cry, he cries Every time I think, he thinks Every time I sing, he sings When I have an idea, he has two more When I speak of friendship, he tells of honor When I summon my courage, he [...]

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