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Previously, I’ve written about overcoming procrastination by finding out what your long term goals are. However, that may be a long and involving process taking many years. There may be things that you’re unsure about, but requires doing right away. For example, if there is an assignment due tomorrow, you may feel like procrastinating, but you may also feel like it should be done. In these cases, you may not really have sufficient time to sort out your feelings on whether this is something you want in the long term. Also, since it doesn’t require a whole lot of effort to get done, it might be easier just to do it instead of figuring out whether you should do it.

In these cases, consulting your short term feelings might get you motivated.

Start by imagining yourself tomorrow. What would things feel like if you didn’t do anything? Wouldn’t that assignment still need doing? If you are stressed about it now, wouldn’t you feel even more pressured then? You and your teammates would be all frantic to get stuff done; your boss would keep asking you for your progress; you may not even have time for food or sleep. Now, imagine yourself having somehow finished the assignment by then. Think about how peaceful you’d feel and how free you would be. Your teammates would be happy with you; your boss/professor would be proud of you getting your project done early; you can sit down with a pina colada in peace. Doesn’t that sound a lot nicer? The truth of the matter is – you have the power to put yourself in either one of those situations! Why not pick the second one?

Not only that, but between now and the time you do your project, you’ll have to keep worrying about it. Every second that passes, you’ll need to worry more about whether the project can now be completed within the shorter amount of time that you have. You’ll have to worry about what your partners would say, what your professor would say, what you would do if you fail, etc. That sure sounds like a pretty unpleasant period. Why put yourself through all that worry and doubt? You’re going to have to “suffer” through the project later anyway, so why not just “suffer” through it now and save a day of worrying? Besides, the project is often easier than it seems. The effort it takes to start the project is often the hardest part.

Go ahead – get that project started and finished. You’ll be really glad you did. When you’re lying around stress free tomorrow, be sure to thank yourself. Good job!

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