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As I racked my brain, it occurs to me that this isn’t the first time the taking less than your fair share concept has been encountered! It had made its first appearance in a negotiations class that I took in college. The Negotiations Situation Imagine there are three research companies A, B, and C. Because [...]

“What happens if we get sued?” “What happens if I have a terminal illness?” “What would people think of me if I do this?” If these are constantly the thoughts running through your head, then you probably feel worried and stressed out! Why Worrying Is Bad When you worry, you are essentially directing all your [...]

BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP!!! If that’s the sound you wake up to every morning and you spend most of your day half asleep, then this article is for you! Here’s a few ways to let you wake up naturally and feel refreshed. Get Enough Sleep This is probably the most important one. Your body naturally [...]

Learn To Calm Down Recently, having to deal with my “in love” feeling all the time as documented in A Falling In Love Experience Part 5, I have found various techniques useful for calming myself down. It’s very useful to calm down when you need to reorient yourself and focus on something without being overwhelmed [...]

The Weakness Of Overconfidence We’ve all experienced it before. You take a test that you think is ridiculously easy, so you put it off until the last minute, and end up getting a B. You get into a relationship and start taking your significant other for granted, resulting in a breakup. You invest in a [...]

Love Yourself From the previous post Why You Should Show Appreciation, it’s clear that it is very important to give ot people appreciation whenever we get a chance. The irony is, while we do sometimes do this for other people, we often forget to give it to the one person that matters to us the [...]

Show Appreciation In Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends And Influence People, one of the most important qualities he mentioned in getting along with people is honest and sincere appreciation. This has proven to be quite true in reality for me, from both the giving and receiving end. I have noticed people’s eagerness to help [...]

Previously, I’ve written about overcoming procrastination by finding out what your long term goals are. However, that may be a long and involving process taking many years. There may be things that you’re unsure about, but requires doing right away. For example, if there is an assignment due tomorrow, you may feel like procrastinating, but [...]

Alone Time In A Busy World In today’s busy world filled with all sorts of flashy things, it’s quite easy to get distracted. You get up in the morning and an alarm clock greets you with a series of loud beeping sounds. You check your email and 42 spam emails pop up and ask you [...]

“No! Pick all the vegetables!” my father told me firmly, “they are all nutritious!” “But that’s not what the teacher said!” I retorted, showing him my notes. “See? Here’s the list of vegetables that we talked about in class.” “Then she’s wrong. They’re all nutritious!” my father replied. Seeing the stern look on his face, [...]

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