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On my way home from a going away dinner for my supervisor today, I had a chat with my coworker as he drove me home in his car. Apparantly, they had some sales discussions with EBay about the product that we’ve developed at BEA (Aqualogic) a few months back. The negotations were intense, with the [...]

While the previous examples have all illustrated generosity by taking less than you normally do, this goal can also be accomplished by giving more than you are supposed to! The general point is that if the other person feels like he is getting a good deal, he’ll come back to you over and over again [...]

Here’s a real world case study regarding a deal WM Media was in last year, in which generosity would have been the better road to go. I’d written about it previously in Seven Mistakes In One Day. The Problem In the deal, we’d acquired a website but without the license, which we’d understood would come [...]

As I racked my brain, it occurs to me that this isn’t the first time the taking less than your fair share concept has been encountered! It had made its first appearance in a negotiations class that I took in college. The Negotiations Situation Imagine there are three research companies A, B, and C. Because [...]

Today, as I talked with my girlfriend, we came up with one of the most important concepts in my life that will probably make me happier and richer than anything else I’ve ever learned. I hope this idea is as inspiring to you as it was to me! A Situation To Test Your Generosity Imagine [...]

Getting What You Want In How To Win Someone’s Heart, we looked at ways to secure the loyalty and trust of our fellow human beings. In this article, we’ll see how this concept applies more generally and from a more logical perspective. Okay! We’ll get right down to it. Let’s say you’re walking around and [...]

$1000 returning 15%/year compounded over 50 years is $1,083,000. $1000 returning 8%/year compounded over 50 years is $47,000. That’s a difference of 20 fold, and is one of the key reasons why you should start saving money today. As you read this, you’re probably thinking, “Wow! I’d better learn to invest in stocks better!” That [...]

What do you do when you try to pick a stock in the stock market? Not knowing too much about it, you probably look around for information about the company. What does it do? How much revenue does it make? What does it make money from? What is its p/e ratio? Hours later, you have [...]

Recently, in my Stanford decision analysis class, I figured out how much part of my life is worth – about $500 million! Follow these steps and figure out how much you think your life is worth! 1) We’ll start by assuming that you are diagnosed with some disease. So umm… you’re dying! Good news though! [...]

The PE Ratio If you’ve ever tried investing in stocks, this is probably the first number people mention. If you pull up any ticker, like MSFT, you’ll see this number: So what is it? What Is The PE Ratio On the surface, the P/E ratio is how much the company is currently worth on the [...]

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