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While the previous examples have all illustrated generosity by taking less than you normally do, this goal can also be accomplished by giving more than you are supposed to! The general point is that if the other person feels like he is getting a good deal, he’ll come back to you over and over again for another one. As long as he feels like he is getting more from you than his alternatives (and feels like he always will), then there’s no reason for him to go to anyone else!

An employeee-employer relationship is a common example of this as your salary as an employee is generally fixed. You don’t really get appreciated for taking a smaller salary, so the way that you can be a 40-60 person is to do more than a person in your position is expected to!

What You Can Do At Work

Here’s a few ways you can accomplish that at work:

Produce more than your position demands – Your number one purpose when hired is to accomplish a certain task. Therefore, try to be more efficient and accomplish more in the time that you have. If there’s some extra time at work when you’ve done your assignments, take some initiative and ask for more work! Aggressively seek things that nobody else wants to do but definitely needs to be done. Seek ways to do things faster and better.

Produce a better quality product – On the same note, if no extra work is available immediately, you can use your extra time to produce a better product. If you are a software engineer, you can look over your code and make sure it’s bug free. If you are a construction worker, you can make sure the wall you put up is polished and clean looking as well as sturdy!

Offer other people your help – Of course, your time might be better spent investing into the relationships at work. After all, you might need other people’s help in the future. You can offer to help other people with their projects instead of sitting back and relaxing. It’s a way of doing more work, but doing it through other people! :)

Have a better attitude – You can also give more emotionally than a person in your position demands. Is there a nitty customer that drives everyone nuts? Maybe you can make the company more money by being calm with him and listening to his needs. Is there a coworker with a lot of problems? Smile, be patient with him, and help him solve his problems. The positive emotional energy generated is reward on its own!

Seek out new sources of information and improve yourself – When there really isn’t anything you can do or help with at that particular time, you can always try to improve yourself to prepare for the next task. Read articles and magazines regarding your field. Read some books on interacting better with people. Make it so that you can accomplish the same task you did this time in 1/2 the time next time around!

What You Get For Your Extra Efforts

By being generous and taking on more responsibility, you generate goodwill with your coworkers and more money for the company. The next time a raise opportunity comes around, who will your manager give more to – you, a person who did more than his fair share, or someone else who only did his “fair share” of work?

Also, when your manager moves on, who do you think will take over his responsibilities? A person who doesn’t know what’s going on and nobody really knows, or you, someone who everyone likes and does all the work?

By being generous, you put yourself in a position to take advantage of new opportunities – in this case, raises and promotions.

Hey, even if your company doesn’t appreciate your efforts, maybe a competitor will hear of you and give you the salary and position that you deserve!

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