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As I racked my brain, it occurs to me that this isn’t the first time the taking less than your fair share concept has been encountered! It had made its first appearance in a negotiations class that I took in college. The Negotiations Situation Imagine there are three research companies A, B, and C. Because [...]

Today, as I talked with my girlfriend, we came up with one of the most important concepts in my life that will probably make me happier and richer than anything else I’ve ever learned. I hope this idea is as inspiring to you as it was to me! A Situation To Test Your Generosity Imagine [...]

Getting What You Want In How To Win Someone’s Heart, we looked at ways to secure the loyalty and trust of our fellow human beings. In this article, we’ll see how this concept applies more generally and from a more logical perspective. Okay! We’ll get right down to it. Let’s say you’re walking around and [...]

In Think And Grow Rich, Napolean Hill had listed sex as the most important out of all the human emotions. This had always confused me a lot, as love would seem like a more important one. Love allows you to want to give to others and make them happier. Love allows you to become selfless [...]

“Think and Growth Rich” “I think, therefore I am” “You become that which you think about” One general theme emerges if you spend enough time looking for the meaning of life and looking through personal development literature – your thoughts create your reality. Before you click the back button on your browser and dismiss this [...]

Growing up, I remember watching a show on the Discovery channel that talked about different species of human beings, one of which is the Neanderthal. They had the incredible to focus on doing one task at a time, producing far greater amounts than their smarter, but “lazier” cousins. It occurred to me that in terms [...]

Let’s say you just went to a ticket booth and bought some tickets for that show/game/concert you want to attend. Let me ask you, what did you just buy? Sure, you did just buy a ticket. Then again, we could have just ripped off a random piece of paper and gave it to you. Hey, [...]

Show Appreciation In Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends And Influence People, one of the most important qualities he mentioned in getting along with people is honest and sincere appreciation. This has proven to be quite true in reality for me, from both the giving and receiving end. I have noticed people’s eagerness to help [...]

Alone Time In A Busy World In today’s busy world filled with all sorts of flashy things, it’s quite easy to get distracted. You get up in the morning and an alarm clock greets you with a series of loud beeping sounds. You check your email and 42 spam emails pop up and ask you [...]

“No! Pick all the vegetables!” my father told me firmly, “they are all nutritious!” “But that’s not what the teacher said!” I retorted, showing him my notes. “See? Here’s the list of vegetables that we talked about in class.” “Then she’s wrong. They’re all nutritious!” my father replied. Seeing the stern look on his face, [...]

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