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“Think and Growth Rich”
“I think, therefore I am”
“You become that which you think about”

One general theme emerges if you spend enough time looking for the meaning of life and looking through personal development literature – your thoughts create your reality. Before you click the back button on your browser and dismiss this as a bunch of mumbo jumbo, this actually can have a lot of scientific basis in reality! You’re probably skeptical, and I don’t blame you. After all, thinking about a thing doesn’t make it happen, right? Imagining a million dollars isn’t going to get you a million dollars, right? Thinking about getting your orange peeled certainly doesn’t seem to make it peel itself… It probably seems unrealistic to anyone with an ounce of common sense!

But wait! When you turn on your radio and television, pictures and sounds seem to come out of nowhere. Doesn’t that sound pretty unrealistic too? And yet there they are! There’s certainly nothing connecting the TV or radio to anything else. You just turn it on, and hey, there’s light and sound. There certainly seems to be “things” appearing out of nowhere!

“Yeah, but it’s powered by electricity and there’s liquid crystals or cathode ray tubes projecting photons,” you say, “There’s all sorts of electrons bombarding the screen, releasing energy to create the images we see. On the other side, somebody used some electricity (or other form of energy) to power their transmitter, caused some electromagnetic waves, and your receiver on your TV/radio gets those signals and converts them.” In short, in goes some energy, some waves happen, and out comes some matter really far away!

Hmmmm, so then, what happens when you think? Your thoughts are waves too! Since we don’t completely understand how our brain works, isn’t it possible that part of the brain is a transmitter that runs on the energy from our body, and sends out waves of thought? After all, we don’t really know how thought works either! Maybe depending on the receiver at the other end, those waves are somehow converted into matter, and if thought results in actual physical matter being created, then does that not qualify as thought creating reality?

In physics, there is a theory that says all matter vibrates and has a wave component. If that is true, then everything is connected. If our brains are sending out wave after wave of thought, who can say exactly what effect they’re having? After all, EM radiation doesn’t go away in space! Once it’s sent out, it keeps going light years away and centuries later! Who’s to say thought waves don’t operate the same way?

In this light, “thought creates reality” is not nearly as far away or as implausible as it would appear! After all, people thought that it was impossible for radios to work the way it does now. All it would take for this theory to be true is for someone to discover a way to measure thought waves emanating from other people!

This would also make things like telepathy very plausible. If you are sending out thought waves, then it would make perfect sense for someone “tuned” to you to be able to receive them. It would also make things like seeing dead people, ghosts, etc. completely within the realm of reason as well! Maybe those things just send thoughts in ways only certain people can perceive. There are definitely articles that say ghosts exist and seeing them is just a matter of you wanting to. You wanting to – you tuning your perceptions to receive “ghost frequencies”.

Following this train of thought, if people are transmitters of thought to other people, then perhaps people are receivers of thought as well. After all, we get ideas seemingly out of nowhere sometimes when we are seeking creative solutions. Maybe they’re someone else’s thoughts that you just tune into when you ask that question. Who knows?

This would mean that all of our thoughts are connected somehow and there is a collective consciousness. In a way, this is like the Borg from Star Trek. We have our own thoughts, but we can tune into the collective consciousness and broadcast ideas to each other.

If you keep sending wave after wave of “cure cancer” into the collective consciousness, would it not seem more and more likely that someone will come up with a solution for it? Or maybe there are other types of receivers of your thought who gets that thought and acts on it. We know so little about how the universe works, but we do know that energy, waves, and matter aren’t as disconnected as we think they are! e = mc^2, right?

Another interesting idea is that since each little bit of matter contains a lot of energy, it takes a lot of sustained thought in order to turn energy into its physical form. This is consistent with ideas in books like Think And Grow Rich, where persistence is deemed to be very important. It also is congruent with the general motivational advice that you should “keep at it” and “keep going after your goals”. Maybe it just takes a while for your thoughts to manifest into reality.

With so many unknowns, who can really say? Evidence certainly seems to point to thought creating reality as being more likely than not likely!!

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