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I tried for a while to look at the circle of lights that I mentioned in my previous post. As I looked at it more and more, it didn’t seem like there was anything I could do in order to change the steady rythm of the expanding and shrinking.

It occurs to me that I should try some of the Bates methods such as palming (holding your hands over your eyes so the muscles relax) and see if they work. Unfortunately, in this case, the results were inconclusive. I held my hands over my eyes, and when they felt relaxed, I unconvered my eyes and opened them. The lights seemed slightly smaller to me, but I wasn’t sure if it was my imagination or not, since there is no objective measure (although that brings up an interesting point – do you see better if you imagine you see better? That was actually another one of the methods in the Bates repertoire).

However, as I stared into one of the lights across the street from where I lived, I decided to look at it upside down, which shouldn’t make any difference. Yet, it did! The circle of lights were smaller for some reason. Now, before you go turning your head upside down, it wasn’t long before I discovered that putting my head in that position allowed me to see two other lights that was previously blocked by a gateway. They happened to be two very bright lights, so I was pretty sure that my pupils were shrinking, letting in less light. Of course, the smaller the hole (and hence cutting out more light around the edges of your eyes that need diffracting), the less badly difracted rays from my misshapen lens, resulting in the smaller circle of lights. This also means that less light would be entering my eyes of course, so everything seems slightly darker, but clearer. This is actually how squinting helps you see better.

Well, that’s all the experiments I will perform for today, as the sprinklers outside turned on as I was staring at a light for an hour (kindda wonder people who pass me think :-) ). The cold and wetness has now spread to my special place, so I’ll end it here. I’ll figure this out eventually!

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