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As I walked outside today, at about 11pm, I decided to take off my glasses and look at the sky. There’s nothing quite like looking at the universe, and appreciating just how vast it is. Looking up at the stars in the sky, there is a kind of romantic feel of connectedness to it.

Of course, being very near-sighted (about -5.5 diopters), the sky looks more like circles of lights. I guess that’s more of an experience reserved for the myopic :-) Anyway, as I looked around the sky, my gaze shifted over to the moon. It’s so big and round, and by big, I mean REALLY BIG. Things are like 5-6 times their real size when I have my glasses off. Yay diffraction.

I stared at it some more, since I don’t usually take my glasses off. Suddenly, I noticed that the moon is shrinking. Well, the moon isn’t actually shrinking of course, but it seemed like my eyes just focused better out of nowhere. Then, just as suddenly, the moon returned to the size it was before. And then it continued, smaller, bigger, smaller, bigger. I tried to discern if my eyes are doing anything differently, but it just felt like I was staring at the same spot.

It occured to me that this is consistent with some of the descriptions of myopia I’ve read about. According to some websites I’ve read (who’s validity is questionable – I’m very skeptical of the whole glasses industry in general), the near sighted patient forgets how to relax his or her ciliary muscles.

This is an interesting situation though, because it appears to me that the ciliary muscles are moving all on their own, and I don’t seem to notice it. Maybe it’s similar to the shaking that goes on when you try to hold a heavy object up with your arms straight. However, it seems like this circle of lights is an easy way for me to tell what things affect and does not affect the clarity of my vision.

I’m going to try some experiments with it over the next few days, and see if I can discern any pattern. Who knows, this could easily be the way to exercise my eyesight back to a better state.

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