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I have written about my journey to figuring out how to get better eyesight naturally in How To See More Clearly, Brightness And The Circle Of Lights, etc. It has been kind of on my backburner, since I couldn’t think of anything more that I could do. That is, until yesterday.

In the men’s dressing room for the opera production I am in, I was speaking with James, one of the people I train and sing with. Usually, we would take a bus ride together to the light rail station after class. During these trips, James would explain various things to me and I would listen eagerly. I’ve learned that he has an exceptionally deep insight into things. Speaking with him, I’d learned to see sound and waves better than I’d been able to in my college physics classes. Therefore, when he came in happily exclaiming that he was able to improve his vision by a lot in the last three weeks, I was more than ready to listen!

He told me that because the far-sightedness of his two eyes are different, he suspects that he is only using one eye when using the computer screen. That was my exact conclusion for my own difference in focusing power when I was young! It makes perfect sense – one eye to see your homework, and one eye to see the blackboard. Knowing this, he wanted to improve his bad eye so that it can be used for reading the computer screen. Therefore, he blocked his good eye with a piece of paper and turned up the font on the computer. A few weeks passed, and one day he realized that he didn’t need to turn up the font anymore.

This absolutely amazed me! Only 3 weeks! I had tried for almost a year in high school with no success. Of course, in this case, his vision wasn’t that bad to begin with, and he has far-sightedness instead of near-sightedness, so I’m not exactly sure if it applies here. Even so, we compared notes and found that perhaps, it was because he was using only one eye that made it so effective. It does seem like I am able to make things slightly clearer with one eye than with two, which is very interesting. Of course, there are doubts about whether his vision actually improved, or if he wasn’t sitting closer, or maybe the lighting conditions are different. Still, this is too good of a chance to pass up!

Therefore, I have decided to perform this experiment for at least one month, exactly as James described it. To make sure this is working or not working, I will be using controlled conditions for testing how good my eye is. Here are the steps that I will be taking:

1) We will start with an eye exam, to establish a baseline (I have scheduled an appointment for the coming Monday).
2) I will get a new pair of glasses, since I can’t really read the screen even with the font turned all the way up. These may be prescription or simple reading glasses, depending on if the reading glasses suffice. The glasses will be powered such that I need to turn up the font 2-3 notches before I can read the text.
3) Every day for one month, I will cover one eye and try as hard as I can to read text on a computer screen with the “bad” glasses on for one hour.
4) Observations will be reported once a week.
5) An eye exam will be conducted at the end of one month, to see if there is any improvement (I will decide at that time whether I will continue if there is no improvement).

Interestingly enough, one of the other cast members was an optometrist, and he was skeptical to say the least. He explained the physics of how the ciliary muscle works and stated that the refractive errors were due to the length of the eyeball and other attributes of the eye itself. However, it seems to me that wherever there is a muscle involved, I should be able to adapt it to change my lens, even if the error isn’t caused by the muscle or lens itself. It’s kind of like walking on my hands or something if my legs are broken. It’s not what my arms are made to do, but they can be adapted to do that if I so desired.

Hopefully, this will turn out better than my other experiments!

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