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An Eye Experiment Begins

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In A Chat At Opera Spawns An Eye Experiment, a friend from opera had told me that he was able to improve his eyesight quite significantly in only three weeks. I was intrigued and decided to see if I could achieve similar results.

In order to establish a baseline to see if I have improved, I went to an optometrist last week and got an eye exam, with the results below:

Eye Exam Results 11-9

This result says that my left eye is slightly better than my right eye, at -6 instead of -6.5 diopters. This is slightly worse than two years ago, when my eyesight was about -5.5/-6 diopters. This means that my focal length (the point in front of my eye where the image is the most clear) is approximately 15-16 centimeters. So basically, if I look at a computer screen at 30 centimeters and at 6 centimeters, both would be blurrier than if I looked at it at 15-16 centimeters, assuming I don’t try to focus my eyes.

Normally, there are ciliary muscles that changes the shape of my lens when I look at things from say 20 centimeters away. However, for myopic people, this mechanism somehow doesn’t quite work. There have been explanations ranging from your muscles not being able to relax sufficiently to the growth of the eyeball being incorrect. There have also been people saying that they were able to improve their eyesight, with other people scoffing that it’s impossible. I’m not exactly sure what will happen, but it seems like we’re born to see clearly. Therefore, it seems reasonable to assume that my eyes should want to adapt to the distance I see things at most often, even though I may not know exactly how to do that.

The plan is to look at the computer screen from about 20-30 centimeters, increasing the font as necessary. Hopefully, if everything works as the person from opera described, my eyes will start adapting. I had tried this previously with no success, as my eye lids just grew thicker, locking my eyes into a permanent squint. This time around though, I will be trying with only one eye at a time, one hour per day, and will be very very careful not to squint. I will report on my results about once a week.

I’d originally planned to do this for one month, but unfortunately, the diopter measurements aren’t as accurate as I’d hoped. They go up and down in 0.25 diopter increments, meaning that my focal length will have to change a few centimeters to have any noticeable effect. This means that I may have to try this for 3-6 months before being able to draw any meaningful conclusions. Then again, the guy did say he was able to decrease his font by 2 levels in 3 weeks, so that’s not impossibility…

Incidentally, being good sales people, the glasses store managed to sell me a pair of glasses. Since I had insurance and it’s about to expire anyway, I got a pair of computer glasses which is much weaker than what I would require to see far away. Here’s the prescription for that:

Computer Glasses Prescription

Hopefully, weaker glasses will prevent my eyes from deteriorating further while I conduct this experiment!

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