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It has been another week and time for me to give an update on my [[eye experiment]]. Unfortunately, I am disappointed to report that I have not been able to keep up with it. In a hectic schedule, one hour per day on a regular basis is harder than I’d thought it would be.

This brings up an interesting point though. Assuming that this eye experiment does work, such an exercise would probably have to be maintained on a regular basis in order for its continued benefits to be realized. Therein lies the problem – if we had those good habits to begin with, we never would’ve gotten the bad eyesight problem in the first place (assuming the bad eyesight’s cause is most environmental). Therefore, even if the experiment is completely successful and will bring 20/20 vision, it is doubtful that can be maintained unless the underlying habits can be changed.

However, there is another large part to the theory – that glasses make this situation worse. If your eyes are supposed to be 20/80 because you keep looking at things up close non-stop, then glasses turn that 20/80 into 20/20 again. Now, your eyes will adapt to 20/80 again naturally and that 20/80 with glasses on will be something like 20/160 without your glasses. Therefore, if we are able to acquire 20/20 with glasses on (temporarily), then we should be able to remove the glasses and remain at 20/80 with our old habits. Then after that, we can work on changing thoes old habits.

So, the main benefit is being able to go without glasses. Of course, all that is far away and assumes that the eye experiment works.

I will continue the experiment this week and extend the experiment out to perhaps 2-3 months instead, accounting for the occasional few days of disruptions.

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