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Here are some observations from my first week of conducting my eye experiment. For an hour a day, I would cover my left eye and read a few articles online with my right eye, with the font increased 4 levels at about 20-30 centimeters from the screen.

I would try to focus my eye on a particular spot and make a crossed eye motion just like the guy from opera said. It does seem to make the image clearer sometimes, although I can’t be quite sure if I’m unconsciously moving closer to the screen in an attempt to see more clearly. I do try to take notice and try to avoid this as much as possible, holding myself steady. However, it’s just hard to be sure without some outside source.

It does seem like doing a “crossing your eyes” type of thing has some effect on the clarity of the picture. From time to time, I would get this “binocular” kind of feeling, where my eye seems to focus on one point and it becomes much clearer (relatively speaking), but only for a few seconds. The surrounding area kind of blurs out while that one point really stands out. It reminds me of how an eagle sees things. They supposedly have some really good vision (as I recall) and can see 20/5 stuff easily. It seems like this must be what they experience. One point expands to clarity while the field of vision decreases. This also would be consistent with how telescopes work. The greater the magnification, the smaller the field of vision. It makes me wonder what exactly is happening in my eye when it does this.

I tried to replicate this particular “zooming” capability, but I haven’t quite been able to control it. It seems to come and go on its own, but it does appear to be happening slightly more frequently than a few months ago when I first experienced it. It also seems to be easier to do with things that are closer rather than farther away. For example, the light on my monitor is easier to “zoom” to than say, a light across the street.

After each of my one hour sessions though, I definitely feel like my eye has had a lot of “exercise”. I’m not really sure whether this is a good or bad thing, as eye doctors seem to always say “don’t strain your eyes” and how that’s bad for your vision. I have no idea what that means at all, so I just disregard it. How are you supposed to see anything without using your eye muscles? As far as I can tell, it’s just some rhetoric that I can’t correlate to any actual physical actions of my eye. It’s kind of like, “Okay, I don’t know what straining my eye means, so that advice is completely useless”.

When I put on my glasses again, it takes my eye 5-10 seconds to get readjusted to be able to see clearly. That eye would be blurry during that time, as if my brain wonders how the light has changed so rapidly. Clearly, something is going on in that eye, so I hope it’s something positive.

Incidentally, I had another experience that is worth mentioning. While watching a class lecture online, I was focusing my eye on the little green light on my monitor, attempting to repeat the “zooming” experience mentioned above. As the lecture progressed, it suddenly changed from a dark blackboard to the picture of a slide, which is mostly white. My eye suddenly focused a lot better on the little power light and was able to see it clearly. I’m not sure if it’s just my pupil contracting due to the extra light output, or that the contrast somehow makes me see better. The pupil contraction seems slightly less likely though since it takes a while for me to see clearly in a dark room, so I would assume that the pupil takes a while to shrink or dilate. Perhaps, pupil contractions take less time than pupil expansions.

Just another mystery to be studied in the coming week!

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