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Two days ago, I decided to go on my regular run of approximately 5-6 miles. Since I had hurt my hip previously and the leg guy (my fancy term for person who knows about legs and stuff) in the opera I just performed had told me that it was because I was running on cement without running shoes, I tried one of my other pairs of shoes. It had a very thick rubbery layer on the bottom, so I figured that might absorb some of the shock.

Out I ran and it seemed to do the trick. My hip did not hurt at all the next day. Feeling pretty good, I made it to my office. As I walked around, my right foot started to hurt more and more. By the end of the day, I couldn’t really put much pressure at all on that foot. It took me about 20 minutes to walk one block to the train station that took me home.

Today was another painful day where I had to go up to Stanford to take a midterm. Hopping around on one foot, I felt somewhat conscious of how I would look to other people. I quickly dismissed that thought as I realized I really don’t care how other people reacted. However, I wondered what other people would feel in my situation. Do disabled people seem themselves as inferior and therefore have less self confidence? My easy dismissal of that thought involves a life time of discipline and attitude, so I would think that’s something that would affect someone greatly if they didn’t have a lot of self esteem to begin with.

The second thing I realized is just how damn hard it was to walk from place to place. Buildings that are a block or two away seems like a really long and arduous journey. It reminded me of how slow I use to think my grandparents walked. I’d never really understood why walking some distance seems like such a tiring prospect for them. Now I understand – this must be how they felt. Every step is a hard and painful task!

In some ways, I feel very lucky to have this particular experience. It helps me understand both crippled people and old people better. Perhaps it is a taste of what is to come when I become that age. It definitely makes me appreciate walking normally much much more! A temporary pain (from what feels like a sprain) is a small price to pay for this first hand insight!

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2 Responses to “A Sprained Foot Leads To Some Interesting Observations”

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  2. Sprained Ankle on October 24th, 2010 7:01 pm

    Very interesting thoughts about other people checking you out while hopping around. Have you thought about doing any rehab on the ankle, to help relieve future swelling/pain? We recommend it to all of our clients. God bless.