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Person A: “I did all this stuff but you don’t even recognize it!” Person B: “I do recognize it but you don’t see what I’m talking about!” Person A: “I went to get your clothes washed; I’ve got the house cleaned…” Person B: “I’m trying to say that the problem isn’t what you’re doing at [...]

In The Meaning Of Life and various articles on how to win someone’s heart, how to find a wife / husband, there is a central theme of thought creating reality. How does this actually happen though? Why is it more effective to think about the things you want? We’ll answer this question through the concept [...]

“Man!” I thought as I sat around feeling rejected. “I only get a small amount of time to make an impression and get judged so quickly! And those few moments don’t even represent 1/10000000th of who I am! If she only knew who I truly was underneath, she would be extremely impressed!” That’s a thought [...]

In Think And Grow Rich, Napolean Hill had listed sex as the most important out of all the human emotions. This had always confused me a lot, as love would seem like a more important one. Love allows you to want to give to others and make them happier. Love allows you to become selfless [...]

Recently, things have not been going the greatest with my mother. On my Christmas vacation home, we had a series of fights about little things. My mom wanted to just drop the issues, but I wanted to solve them for the long term. It lead to a conversation where she felt I wouldn’t just let [...]

“You just don’t get it!” This is probably one of the most uttered statements during an argument. Having been on both sides of this statement, the most common response ironically is “I do get it!” and possibly “It’s you who don’t get it!” This is probably one of the strangest exchange of words ever said [...]

As a guy who has faced his fair share of rejections and successes in terms of dating, there are several observations I’d like to share about finding the right person to marry. With every success or “failure” in this area, something new and interesting comes up. Please be aware though that I am currently in [...]

Do you have awkward silences in your conversations or not know what to say? Do you walk away from conversations not knowing what you’ve talked about? Here are a few important tips to improve your conversations within other people. 1) Be Genuinely Interested – The point of a conversation is to communicate with the other [...]

Feel Better – Be Happier Are you feeling sad or unhappy? Here’s a few things that I’ve found to be extremely helpful. Exercise If you are feeling sad, this is probably the most effective method of feeling better right away. Go outside and just start running. It doesn’t matter how fast you run, or how [...]

The Battle You Can’t Win For some reason, my mother has this unrelenting desire to stuff me with food. Growing up, there are always requests to “eat more”. When I leave home, there’ll always be packages of food stuffed away in my luggage somewhere. Whenever I receive a present, half the package is guaranteed to [...]

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