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In my previous post Singing While Running, I’d talked about how singing the song “Words Like Freedom” (or at least the couple phrases I remember from it) really motivates me on my jogs, especially in the last quarter to half mile.

This has grown more and more true recently for me. There have been times on the last few laps where I felt extremely tired and thought I wouldn’t be able to finish. Yet, as I hummed the song, it feels like my consciousness is in a different place, having only a remote link to my body. My labored attempts at breathing became only a dim awareness in the background instead of an all consuming pain. Before long, I would be on the final lap, running faster and faster. there was one instance where I didn’t even feel completely spent as I finished, where I’d almost given up just a few laps ago.

Since I only remembered bits and pieces of the song, I took some time today to try to find the rest of the lyrics to the song.

Instead, I found that this song comes from the poem Words Like Freedom by Langston Hughes. Okay, so I was completely wrong about the poem being derived from Hebrew slaves! Nevertheless, the message is a great one and is as applicable to black slaves as any other slaves. It has been posted under the poetry section as I find it to be exceptionally well written and motivating.

I also happen to remember a couple more phrases in my head which isn’t part of the poem, so I looked around a bit more for the song. Unfortunately, the song doesn’t seem to be that well known, so I was only able to glean a few more phrases which have been appended to the poem.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to remember the rest of the music at some point, so I can add a bit to my repertoire :)

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