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Are you afraid to launch your own business? Are you afraid of losing what money you have? Let me ask you this: Why? Sure, maybe you’ll lose all of your money and be completely broke. Then again, you were completely “broke” when you were born too. Plus back then, you didn’t have any experience, or [...]

One day back in high school on the bus ride home, I remember listening to a friend talk about how easy it would be to make money if we just built our own computers and sold them. Since we’ve both built computers of our own, it seemed like a good idea to me. As I [...]

Why Make Money a Life Pursuit This is the last article in my get money series, which is a series about how and why you should pursue money. We’ll now talk about why making money a life pursuit is such a worthy goal. So, why should you try to make a lot of money? While [...]

Easy To Control Your Thoughts? There are many articles on the law of attraction out there. The general idea is that the more you focus on one particular thing, the easier it is for that thing to manifest itself in reality. Well, that sounds pretty easy right? If all you need to do to get [...]

This is an age old question that everyone has thought about at some point. Logically, I come to the conclusion that the meaning of life is to exist. I will use set theory for this argument. We will start by picking anything (call it y) that exists and adding it to a set X. Then, [...]

As INTJs, we love to build things and increase efficiency. However, why do we want to do these things? This is of course, related to what our perception of the meaning of life. Let’s take a look at our history to see how things got to this point. At one point, we can assume that [...]

“I’ll do it later” – it’s one of the most common phrases that is uttered, and we’ve all been guilty of that at some point or another. Other variants include “I’ll do it when…” or “I can’t do it because…”. That’s all fine and good, except when the reason is really weak, like “I don’t [...]

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