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In Think And Grow Rich, Napolean Hill had listed sex as the most important out of all the human emotions. This had always confused me a lot, as love would seem like a more important one. Love allows you to want to give to others and make them happier. Love allows you to become selfless [...]

Feel Better – Be Happier Are you feeling sad or unhappy? Here’s a few things that I’ve found to be extremely helpful. Exercise If you are feeling sad, this is probably the most effective method of feeling better right away. Go outside and just start running. It doesn’t matter how fast you run, or how [...]

Keeping An Open Mind To Religion It is very important to consider different perspectives when we’re trying to develop ourselves so that we can see the same thing from multiple angles and get a larger understanding of what that object is. To that end, I have spent the past year or two learning about the [...]

Love Yourself From the previous post Why You Should Show Appreciation, it’s clear that it is very important to give ot people appreciation whenever we get a chance. The irony is, while we do sometimes do this for other people, we often forget to give it to the one person that matters to us the [...]

Previously, I’ve written about overcoming procrastination by finding out what your long term goals are. However, that may be a long and involving process taking many years. There may be things that you’re unsure about, but requires doing right away. For example, if there is an assignment due tomorrow, you may feel like procrastinating, but [...]

Alone Time In A Busy World In today’s busy world filled with all sorts of flashy things, it’s quite easy to get distracted. You get up in the morning and an alarm clock greets you with a series of loud beeping sounds. You check your email and 42 spam emails pop up and ask you [...]

“No! Pick all the vegetables!” my father told me firmly, “they are all nutritious!” “But that’s not what the teacher said!” I retorted, showing him my notes. “See? Here’s the list of vegetables that we talked about in class.” “Then she’s wrong. They’re all nutritious!” my father replied. Seeing the stern look on his face, [...]

A Story About Fear Some years ago, I went to an amusement park with my mother. At first, she was somewhat afraid of the roller coaster, but eventually relented in the name of adventure. As we boarded the roller coaster, I could see the tension in my mother’s body, undoubtedly caused by the adrenaline coursing [...]

The Road To Becoming A Manager Many managers start out in a technical position, especially in engineering fields. In the beginning, he starts out with no knowledge of what to do and depends on other people for advice, help, and motivation. Then, as he gathers experience, he begins to carry his share of the load. [...]

Here are some common situations I’ve encountered where you can really tell if you truly like your fellow human beings and believe that helping them is in your best interest. 1) You are working with a partner on a project. All day and night, you slaved away at it, working really hard. Meanwhile, your partner [...]

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