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Emotions And Temperature

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As I wrote my post How To Calm Down, I couldn’t help but wonder about several things when it comes to temperature and feelings. Since a hotter temperature apparently affects people’s moods and makes people much edgier, does it then figure that colder places have calmer people?

As I scanned my memory, I only really have experiences in New York and California. In general, the trend I have observed actually indicates the opposite. California people seems slower in general than the busy streets of New York. However, that might just be because I live in San Jose and I’m thinking of New York City, where there is simply more people. Also, people walking quickly because they’re freezing their butts off doesn’t necessarily indicate that they’re actually more stressed.

An interesting idea here is that people are perhaps moving fast to generate more heat. Either that or maybe their metabolism is increased so that their bodies produce more heat. Therefore, when they get home, and things are warmer, they are actually “hotter” inside since their metabolism is so fast.

Either way, it seems like it is a good policy to keep your house and office as cold as possible without causing significant discomfort. That way, in the two most important places of your life, you can literally have a cooler head.

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